List of influencers and decision makers we want to send a poster

On this page you can find a list of people (and organisations) we want to send The Sourcerer’s Code  poster and letter to. This list consists of influencers and decision makers throughout the world and people who are active in philosophy, science, spirituality, art (filmmakers, musicians, sculptors) etc. We have spoken to some of those people and some we would love to speak to, to explain in person why we started this project and what we want to achieve together.

Can you help us make this possible?
It would be great if you can make this possible by make a donation via Paypal or creditcard or by Bank transfer (see the information below) to the bank account of our company Dragon 9 to facilitate us in ordering posters and sending The Sourcerer’s Code to people we wish to approach.

It takes 3 people to reach the queen: Do you know any of these influencers?
It would be great if you can let us know if you know these influencers in person and you want to send the poster and the accompanying letter for us and recommend them to look at it in person. Please send an email to us: art[ad]

Please find herewith the required information for a bank transfer:

Dragon 9, Woestduinlaan 51, 3941 XB, Doorn, The Netherlands
IBAN: NLABNA0460695916         BIC ABNANL2A

Chamber of Commerce: 52802876     VAT: 176657654B01 info[ad]   art[ad]   +31 (0)6 51 303 994

Please calculate with 24 euro per poster and 135 euro per canvas, including VAT and excluding shipment costs. Of course you are very welcome to donate more than this amount.

Name Country Organisation
Damanhur Italy Damanhur
De Heeren Daan en Joost Speelman The Netherlands
Dhr. A. Aboutaleb The Netherlands
Dhr. A. Brenninkmeijer The Netherlands
Dhr. A. Joustra The Netherlands Elsevier
Dhr. A. Kuschpeta The Netherlands
Dhr. A. Pechtold The Netherlands Tweede Kamer
Dhr. A. Sonnevelt The Netherlands Sonnevelt Opleidingen
Dhr. A. Tjalsma The Netherlands Involvation
Dhr. A. van Buuren The Netherlands
Dhr. B. Kablau The Netherlands KJ Business Software
Dhr. B. van Dongen The Netherlands Roland Berger B.V.
Dhr. D. Roosegaarde The Netherlands Studio Roosegaarde
Dhr. D. Stutterheim The Netherlands
Dhr. D. Zuijderduijn The Netherlands
Dhr. D.F. van Haren The Netherlands
Dhr. E. Hollestelle The Netherlands Nijenrode
Dhr. E. van der Laan The Netherlands
Dhr. en mw. O. van Lith en S. Thomasse The Netherlands Bewustzijn Online
Dhr. F. Matser The Netherlands Fred Foundation
Dhr. F. Melis The Netherlands Zooomeee
Dhr. F. Post The Netherlands Post & Partners BV
Dhr. H. de Cock The Netherlands Partners in Leiderschap
Dhr. H. Mentink The Netherlands Het Veerhuis
Dhr. H. van Veen The Netherlands Harlekijn Holland BV
Dhr. H. Wijffels The Netherlands Worldconnectors
Dhr. J. de Mol jr. The Netherlands Endemol Nederland BV
Dhr. J. Eussen The Netherlands RCE Rhine-Meuse
Dhr. J. Ewbank The Netherlands
Dhr. J. Kamp The Netherlands The Optimist
Dhr. J. Koelewijn The Netherlands
Dhr. J. Leijnse The Netherlands A.T. Kearney
Dhr. J. Ravelli The Netherlands
Dhr. K. Hoogendijk The Netherlands Face the Future
Dhr. K. Winge The Netherlands Sycada Green
Dhr. L. Runderkamp The Netherlands NOS Nieuws
Dhr. L. van Gorp The Netherlands
Dhr. M. Borsato The Netherlands
Dhr. M. van der Mandele The Netherlands Parma Group
Dhr. M.G. Bierman The Netherlands Triodos Bank
Dhr. P. Oostveen The Netherlands
Dhr. P. Toonen The Netherlands
Dhr. P. Van Erven Dorens The Netherlands Telegraaf
Dhr. R. Freelink The Netherlands
Dhr. R. Huffnagel The Netherlands
Dhr. R. Oerlemans United States of America 3 Ball Entertainment
Dhr. R. Raats The Netherlands
Dhr. R. Slot The Netherlands Aberkyn
Dhr. R. Valks The Netherlands
Dhr. R. van de Corput The Netherlands
Dhr. R. Zomer The Netherlands Zomer Advocaten
Dhr. R.J. Heijn The Netherlands
Dhr. R.L. Heertje The Netherlands VPRO, Media Park
Dhr. S. Sluis The Netherlands
Dhr. S. Van Middendorp The Netherlands
Dhr. S. Wynia The Netherlands
Dhr. T. Mouwen The Netherlands Worldconnectors
Dhr. W. Bierman The Netherlands Source Leadership
Dhr. W. Verstraaten The Netherlands
Dr. A. Goswami Ph.D. United States of America Center for Quantum Activism
Dr. ir. C. Vermeeren The Netherlands TU Delft
Dr. J.P. Balkenende The Netherlands
Dr. M. Sági Hungary The Club of Budapest
Herrn Prof. Dr. M.A. Popp Germany Bionorica SE
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama Mr. Tenzin Gyatso India The Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama Thekchen Choeling Thekchen Choeling
Imam Y. Elforkani The Netherlands
Ir. N.M. Ravelli The Netherlands
Mr. A. Kaushal India
Mr. A. Sadhoe Suriname
Mr. B. Gates United States of America Gates Foundation
Mr. B. Pitt United Kingdom
Mr. D. Brown United States of America
Mr. D. Chopra United States of America The Chopra Center of Wellbeing
Mr. D. Cosucci Indonesia Co-creator of Divine 9 Tuning
Mr. D. Sutherland Canada The Characters Talent Agency
Mr. E. Drouet France CIBB EPN campus 71
Mr. E. Musk United States of America Tesla Motors
Mr. E. Tolle Canada
Mr. F. Gertten Sweden WG Film AB
Mr. G. Braden United States of America
Mr. G. Clooney United States of America
Mr. G. Hadjimanoli Cyprus
Mr. I. Bhattacharya The Netherlands Freedom Lab
Mr. J. Cameron United States of America
Mr. J. Dewell United States of America
Mr. J.E. Carrey United States of America
Mr. K. Andersen & K. Kuhn United States of America A.U.M. Films
Mr. K.C. Reeves United States of America 3 Arts Entertainment, Inc.
Mr. L. di Caprio United States of America
Mr. L. Fishburne United States of America Paradigm Talent Agency
Mr. Larry Page and Mr. Sergey Brin United States of America Google Inc.
Mr. M. Berg United States of America Kabbalah Centre
Mr. M. Damon United States of America
Mr. M. Freeman United States of America Revelations Entertainment
Mr. M. Friedrich Czech Republic
Mr. M. Gibson United States of America Icon Productions
Mr. M. Gilbert United States of America Institute of Noetic Sciences
Mr. M. Kafatos United States of America
Mr. M. Nawaz United Kingdom Quilliam Foundation
Mr. M.E. Zuckerberg United States of America Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Mr. M.K. Trivedi United States of America Trivedi Foundation
Mr. N. Hanauer United States of America Nick and Leslie Hanauer Foundation
Mr. P. Coelho France
Mr. P. Collins United Kingdom Philip Collins Ltd
Mr. R. Brand United Kingdom
Mr. R. de Niro United States of America Tribeca Film Institute
Mr. R. Williams United States of America
Mr. R.D. Stewart United Kingdom MBC PR, Warm Seas House
Mr. Ratan N. Tata India Bombay House
Mr. W. Buffet United States of America Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
Mr. Y. Varoufakis Greece Diem 25
Mrs. A. Jolie United Kingdom
Mrs. A.L. de Mattos Barretto Villela Brasil Alana Institute
Mrs. and mr. Zaya and Maurizio Benazzo United States of America SAND
Mrs. B. Streisand United States of America
Mrs. E. DeMahina Sweden
Mrs. J. Hannaford Canada
Mrs. J. Roberts United States of America
Mrs. J. Ryan Gerland France
Mrs. K. Berg United States of America Kabbalah Centre
Mrs. K. Best United Kingdom University of the Arts London
Mrs. L. Callery United States of America
Mrs. L. McTaggart United Kingdom
Mrs. M. Ghali Greece
Mrs. O. Winfrey United States of America Harpo Studios, Inc.
Mrs. R. Geerlings Australia
Mrs. W. Maathai Kenya Green Belt Movement International
Mrs. Y. Qwi An Sandara Portugal
Mw. A. Engels The Netherlands
Mw. A. Mulder The Netherlands Tweede Kamer
Mw. E. Ritman The Netherlands Stichting Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica
Mw. I. Klink The Netherlands De Nederlandse School
Mw. I. van Oord The Netherlands Happinez
Mw. L. de Cauten België
Mw. L. Peeters The Netherlands Bernard van Leer Foundation
Mw. M. Klinkenberg The Netherlands
Mw. S. Bruijne The Netherlands
Pir-o-Murshid Council The Netherlands International Headquarters of the Sufi Movement
President KNAW, Prof. Dr. J.F.T.M. van Dijck The Netherlands Het Trippenhuis, Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen
President of the People’s Republic of China Mr. Xi Jinping China
President of the Russian Federation Mr. V. Putin Russia
President of the United States of America Mr. B. Obama United States of America The White House
Prime-Minister of the United Kingdom Mr. D. Cameron United Kingdom
Prof. A.N. Chomsky United States of America M.I.T.
Prof. dr. E. László Hungary The Club of Budapest
Prof. F. Thackeray South Africa Evolutionary Studies Institute (ESI) University of the Witwatersrand
Prof. ir. N.D. van Egmond The Netherlands
Shaikh Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun Syria The grand Mufti of Syria. Head of the Supreme Council of Fatwa
Sir P.A. Hopkins United States of America Creative Artists Agency
Sir R. Branson United Kingdom Virgin Management Ltd
Sir Venkatraman Ramakrishnan United Kingdom The Royal Society
The Head of the Rothshield Family Lord J. Rothshield United Kingdom
The Prince of Wales United Kingdom
To the Imperator of the A.M.O.R.C. Mr. C. Bernard France
United Nations Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon United States of America United Nations
Zijne hoogwaardige excellentie J. Punt The Netherlands
Den Haag Nationaal Bahá’í-centrum