Do you see the perfect order and balancing principles?

Rewrite the Fibonacci sequence


The above movie shown the Golden Mean but does not relate this to the number 9.

Below you find again the number sequence known as Fibonacci sequence, rewritten according to the ancient, Numeric number theory of the Nine Pointed Star. This reveals the perfect balance of the Hermetic Source Code.

How does this rewritten key work?
It is quite simple: sum the penultimate and the last number: 1+1=2 / 1+2=3 / 2+3=5 / 3+5=8 / 5+8=13 / 8+13=21 etc..Pillar of Life







4 (13=1+3=4)

3 (21)

7 (34)

1 (55=10=1)

8 (89=17=8)

9 (144)

These are the first 12 numbers. Between brackets you see the original number, Numerically summed 13 becomes 4 etc.. In this way you will always find a source number of 1 to 9. The next 12 numbers go as follows (89+144=233=8 of 8+9=17=8):

8 (233)

8 (377=17)

7 (610)Boaz and Jachin

6 (987=24)

4 (1597=22)

1 (2584=19=10)

5 (4181=14)

6 (6765=24)

2 (10946=20)

8 (17711=17)

1 (28657=28=10)

9 (46368=27)

Now rediscover the order, based on a very ancient number theory, rediscovered by Gert Kramer:

Put the two twelve based source number sequences in two columns next to each other. What number is always found when these are added? And…! What happens when you count further after the first 24 numbers? Then the sequence just starts again:”1 1 2 3 5 8 4 3 7 etc.. This repetitive sequence is the origin of the infinity symbol. It becomes visible by drawing a line next two the two columns with numbers and connecting the end of both columns with the start of the other column. When this phenomenon stands at the basis of each life form, them this possibly is the Cosmic Creation Principle, known as the Unity that Human for so long has forgotten about.

Do you now understand why the spiral is cosmically the omnipresent shape of creation? Do you now understand why the Egyptian Thoth, messenger of the Gods has the mystic number 52, why God was given number 999, why there are 24 thrones in the Book of Revelations and why Chinese wise Dragons are composed of 9 animals and have exactly 117 scales? Do you now understand why Adonai has 72 and Allah 99 names?

As the wise king Solomon once said: “there is a time to be silent and a time to speak”. The time to speak has arrived. This is the time of Revelations.